Environmental Consciousness at Shinta Indah Jaya

Shinta Indah JayaNewsEnvironmental Consciousness at Shinta Indah Jaya
27 May 2021

At Shinta Indah Jaya, we believe in taking care to protect the local environment for the benefit of all stakeholders, including our customers. This means taking steps today which are not always the easiest or most profitable so that they pay back in the future.


Regrettably, irresponsible textile mills around the world fail to adhere to environmental regulations to treat their wastewater and facilitate the pollution of natural waterways such as rivers, causing irreparable damage to the local environment. At Shinta Indah Jaya, we know that water is a precious resource for our industry and to the local communities that surround us. Water cannot be taken for granted in our operations given its central importance in areas such as fabric dying and chemical treatments which utilise water baths. Therefore, our manufacturing facilities have an in-house water treatment plant that uses an activated sludge system, aerobic treatment, clarifier, coarse bubble diffusers, Lamella clarifier and screw press filters to ensure that contaminated water does not re-enter waterways. Furthermore, we have recently installed a water recycling process in our operations to significantly reduce the consumption of river water that is used in our production. This remains on a small scale to date as we further explore this method of reducing our environmental impact.



The textile sector is an energy intensive industry which has a poor record of energy efficiency overall due to the use of outdated machinery at older textile mills. Shinta Indah Jaya always strives to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to maintaining our range of equipment and machinery using recognised brands from Japan, South Korea and Europe to offer our customers the very best in production quality and energy efficiency. Our extensive range of knitting machines are powered by electricity our generators for dying machines and stenters mainly use coal as well as other fuel sources.



All efforts, large and small are important when it comes to forging a sustainable path. The waste fabric from our production lines is given a second life by being supplied in the form of rags to various industries such as the oil and gas sector to reduce our waste and avoid our textiles contributing to landfill.


Recycled Yarns & Fabrics

Our environmental consciousness extends beyond our operations to the products that we offer our clients. We aim to support them in their transition to offer consumers more sustainable options that are in line with their values. Recycled yarns made from PET bottles and fabric cut waste can be reutilised to create recycled yarns and fabrics for producing industrial textiles, home textiles and increasingly for apparel. These recycled polyester yarns effectively close the loop to create zero waste products without compromising on product quality or performance.


As a company with many decades of experience behind us, we know that remaining nimble and responsive to the needs of our clients lays at the heart of our longevity. Thus, we continuously strive to improve the environmental impact of our operations and environmental consciousness as part of our corporate culture. Contact us to find out more about environmentally sustainable solutions that we can offer your business.