Shinta Indah Jaya Launches Its Next Generation 6-in-1 Anti-Viral Mask

Shinta Indah JayaNewsShinta Indah Jaya Launches Its Next Generation 6-in-1 Anti-Viral Mask
3 July 2020

Shinta Indah Jaya consistently focuses on innovation in order to overcome the new challenges brought about by an ever-changing global landscape. The post pandemic ‘New Normal’ makes every day personal protection a priority requiring a solution that ensures the highest standards of protection, wearer comfort and environmental sustainability. To meet this challenge, Shinta Indah Jaya has developed its new generation of antiviral 6-in-1 washable facemasks with future products underway using Bacmatic by Dymatic; a chemical coating that swiftly deactivates viral pathogens.

Dymatic Bacmatic DM-3015N works by rapidly breaking down the lipid envelopes of viruses and bacteria on contact with the surface of the treated fabric, rendering them deactivated thereby protecting the wearer and preventing further transmission. Rigorous testing has shown that Bacmatic has a proven destruction rate of >99% for Influenza A (H1N1) & H3N2 viruses. In addition to offering antiviral and anti-bacterial protection, the textile coating also provides a host of other benefits including being anti-fungal and odour control. Effective for more than 40 washes, Bacmatic also presents a more environmentally sustainable option compared with disposable facemasks and other PPE products.

Keeping user comfort and textile performance in mind, Shinta Indah Jaya has also collaborated with Swiss based HeiQ to incorporate their Smart Temp technology and further enhance the performance of their washable antiviral facemasks. Market leader in innovative textile treatments, HeiQ’s Smart Temp is a patented cooling technology that is activated by the temperature of the wearer whereby on detecting a rise in temperature, the fabric’s cooling properties are activated to keep the wearer feeling fresh, dry and comfortable. This intelligent thermoregulation is a crucial feature given the new reality which will require everyone to wear facemasks over long periods of time. The expertly engineered textile deactivates the cooling effect once the desired effect has been achieved, providing dynamic temperature control.

Using these cutting-edge technologies in combination, Shinta Indah Jaya has developed its next generation of washable facemasks with complete 6-in-1 protection: water repellent, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour control and temperature control. The facemask is available in black and comes in two versions: convenient adjustable ear loop or easy single-tie specially for hijab wearers. A durable 3-ply structure, the facemasks also feature 3D contour centre stitching for improved fit.

Furthermore, Shinta Indah Jaya will soon launch complementary products that draw on the advanced and optimised features of its antiviral fabrics to provide further solutions to limiting viral transmission. The company will shortly launch washable 5-in-1 protection antiviral gloves that utilise the same technology while also featuring a conductive material within the fingertips that will enable the wearer to still use touchscreen devices without risking viral contact or transmission.

As individuals, companies and industries adjust to the demands of the ‘New Normal’, Shinta Indah Jaya is well positioned to offer everyday solutions that deliver the highest standards of protection, wearer comfort and practicality to get help get its clients back to business as usual.

Learn more about Bacmatic by Dymatic here

Bacmatic meets anti-bacterial and anti-viral standards including: ISO 20743, JIS L1902, AATCC 100, FZ/T 73023, GB/T 20944 & ISO 18184:2014, JIS L1922:2016.


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