Customised Textile Manufacturing: Make Your Products Stand Out

Shinta Indah JayaNewsCustomised Textile Manufacturing: Make Your Products Stand Out
19 December 2019

Textile performance and value-added properties are playing an increasingly central role in differentiating textile products among low quality imitations as consumers move beyond short term minded buying habits. As demonstrated by leading sportswear brands, consumers have come to expect more from their garments including durability as well as standout performance across a broad spectrum of conditions and climates. Customised textile manufacturing to create unique textiles that deliver on the specific needs of your customer base is therefore the most effective route to differentiating your textile products and enlarging your market share.

What Customers Want

Communication with your customers and clients is now easier than ever with the proliferation of digital communication channels to understand their requests and needs. However, to truly make your textile products stand out, it means thinking beyond the perceived limitations of the capabilities and performance of your product to go beyond your customers’ expectations.

Successful examples of this include a renowned sock manufacturer which wanted to solve the issue of the odour that is associated with worn socks. By manufacturing their socks using unique silver technology that imparts anti-bacterial properties to the sock fabric, they have carved out a significant niche in the competitive sock market. A further example is within home textiles; customers using upholstery in rooms with a lot of sunlight have come to accept that sofas and chairs will require reupholstering every so often as UV rays degrade the fabric’s colour and finish. Now home textile manufacturers can offer a range of fabric types with anti UV properties to avoid this issue and safeguard the longevity of their textile products.

Sportwear using performance textiles is one of the fastest growing segments of the global apparel market. Sports enthusiasts as well as professionals in their field are seeking out garments that can enhance their performance, stamina and comfort. Fabric construction that provides stretch for a comfort fit as well as improving blood circulation and regulating body temperature in addition to water repellence to maintain performance in all-weather conditions are some of the criteria that can be used to differentiate sportwear apparel in the marketplace.

Custom finishes to choose from and combine include:

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti UV
  • Soil Release
  • Oil Repellent
  • Moisture Management
  • Mechanical Stretch
  • Elastane Stretch
  • Anti-Static
  • PH Control

Selecting a Manufacturing Partner

Creating a textile fabric with the custom finishes that you require means working with a textile manufacturer that can deliver when it comes to the look, feel and drape of the fabric as well as the custom performance finishes, while also meeting your market price point. This means seeking out a textile manufacturer with proven experience within performance textiles. Look for a textile manufacturer that can provide a fully integrated service and offers a competitive edge in the sourcing or producing of the yarn with the required properties for the custom finishing that you require. 

Shinta Indah Jaya is the trusted textile manufacturing partner to leading multinational brands including Adidas, Mizuno, Diadora, Victoria’s Secret, H&M and many more. Working alongside its sister company Sulindafin, Shinta Indah Jaya utilises the renowned Sul-Suite collection of yarns and works in long term partnership with its clients alongside HeiQ to develop customised textile fabrics that create pioneering new products.